The Paq 72 of Correos will be delivered in the indicated address, under signature, except in the mode of Delivery in HomePaq, which is made in the enabled device:

The Paq 72 Address: will be delivered in the address of the recipient. It takes associates of the attempts of delivery and stay in the Post Office at its disposal during 15 calendar days. Although this period can be configurable at the request of the client. In the case of the shipment to Portugal, 2 attempts are made to deliver, without being kept in the office, with the return of the shipment within 7 calendar days from the last delivery attempt.

The Paq 72 Elected Office: Will be delivered to the Post Office designated by the sender. In this case, the recipient will be notified of their arrival at the Office by SMS and / or mail. The list of offices available for delivery to the chosen office will be provided by the commercial postal services and also available in the application provided by Post Office for the printing of labels and the transfer of information. The term will be 15 calendar days, although the term can be configurable at the request of the client.

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