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EMECOS TECH, S.L. is a company focused on effective cosmetics, with the most innovative active ingredients and most effective penetrative techniques. It represents the future in skin care and is a new concept of facial treatment based on physiological ingredients; meaning those that are similar and compatible with what make up our skin.

Our products are based on the recognition of the importance of the stratum corneum of the skin, which is the defensive barrier and main gateway to active ingredients.

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is governed by a set of values that make a solid commitment to efficiency, quality and safety:

  • High concentration of active ingredients in all formulations.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness of all ingredients.
  • Incorporation of cosmetic actives with own studies that are anti-radical, anti-wrinkle , anti-ageing and nourishing.
  • Optimum penetration of actives thanks to our skin delivery system (liquid crystals).

Unlike other common products on the market, with ingredients that penetrate the skin assaulting its protective layer, EMECOS TECH, S.L. products protect and rebuild its natural barrier.

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The elasticity and firmness of the stratum corneum depends on its water and fat content. Our cosmetic products are able to maintain the stability of both factors to avoid premature ageing of the skin, using clinically proven active ingredients in our formulas and an emulsifier extracted from olives, with a profile very similar and compatible to our skin’s fatty acids, which keep it healthy.

The stratum corneum has the following functions:

- HYDRATION: It controls the amount of water that the skin retains and prevents it from evaporating.

- PROTECTION: It acts as a barrier and prevents the penetration of microorganisms and allergens.

Our cosmetic products incorporate actives able to restore the skin’s barrier and allow maximum penetration of the active ingredients without damaging the layers of corneal cells and the epidermal lipids. If these items are removed, the skin becomes more permeable to water and foreign substances (toxins, allergens etc) which causes the skin to weaken and ageing is accelerated.

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