EMECOS S.L. TECH is a company whose objective is the manufacture of cosmetic products designed as an action plan against the architecture of the skin. As with the buildings that deteriorate over time, the pillars of the skin (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) decrease in efficiency and accelerate ageing. Therefore, the objective of S.L. EMECOS TECH is to preserve the functionality of the main elements of the skin and reinforce its structure to resist longer.

We understand that prevention and correction are essential factors in the fight against ageing.

Our technology is based both on the use of emulsifiers, which increase the penetration of the actives (up to 65% compared with other emulsifiers on the market) maintaining integrity and reinforcing our skin, and on the use of actives proven to be effective.

The stratum corneum has a structure similar to a brick wall where the corneal cells are the bricks and the lipids (fats) are the cement. With our cosmetic products we can keep this structure of the skin intact, preventing premature ageing.

This structure regulates the content of water and fluids to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the stratum corneum.

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